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Lois Glenn-Carter

CEO of The Nationwide Black Family Advocate & Mediation Services, Serving USA, Canada. 

Family/Matrimonial Mediator, Certified Superior Court Mediator, Certified Guardian, Certified Court Evaluator, Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children (CASA), Domestic Violence Advocate

Lois Glenn-Carter FOUNDER, 

Nationwide Black Mediation Services, LLC is a survivor of domestic abuse including physical, emotional, and financial that she endured throughout her 14-years of marriage.

She is the former wife of a Pastor who has experienced the shame and ridicule from other clergy members as she sought refuge and safety as a result of the abuse and defamation of character by her former spouse. The lack of accountability and support from within the “Black Church” for a Black Family was a pivotal moment in Ms. Glenn-Carter Life. 

Lois Glenn-Carter challenged various members of the New York State Suffolk County Family Court on systematic abuse of power when her estranged husband used false child abuse claims, against her to further afflict abusive tactics during their custody and divorce proceedings. 

As a result Lois Glenn-Carter studied and adapted a facilitative, cultural interest-based approach to support the Black Families. 

Her preferred mediation style is facilitative in the belief wholeheartedly that the best and most durable resolutions for Black Families are those achieved by the parties themselves. She educates the parties generally on the business issues and priorities, personalities and obstacles to a successful resolution as well as their own needs better than any mediator or arbitrator. She does not impose her views or make decisions for the parties. Rather, Lois educates and assists the parties in creating options that meet the needs and desires of both sides, by guiding them back to their own authority and power.  When appropriate, visual aids are used in preparing discussions and illustrating possible solutions. 

On the other hand, she is not averse to being proactive and offering a generous dose of reality, particularly when the process may have stalled due to unrealistic expectations of attorney or client, a failure to focus on needs rather than demands, or when one or more parties need to be reminded of the potential consequences of their failure to reach an agreement.


Lois Glenn-Carter's in September 2020 launched the Premier Nationwide Black Family Mediation Services, Her career as a mediator began at the New York State Office of  the Attorney General, Suffolk County Regional Office in 2013 when she joined the Bureau of Consumer Frauds & Protection as an Intern-Mediator . She strengthened her legal knowledge and followed her passion as a Court Advocate assisting victims of Domestic Violence. She was hired in 2015 by Rivkin Radler, a Commercial Litigation Practice Group and worked directly with several Partners and Associates. In 2017 she advocated as the First Provisional President of the National Independent Black Parent Association, Long Island New York Chapter.  2019 Lois Glenn-Carter acquired additional training and became A Certified Mediator with the Delaware Superior Court, A Divorce & Matrimonial Mediator, A Court Appointed Guardian & Evaluator and Court Appointed Special Advocate for Children.  

  • 2021 Academy of Professional Family Mediator: Membership Committee

  • 2021 Enlightened Pathways - Career Development & Entrepreneurial Consultation: Board Member

  • Celebrate Thy Brother: Brand Ambassador Since 2020 

  • National Black Pre-Law Committee & Mentee Since 2019 

  • Delaware Paralegal Association, (Member Since 2019) 

  • Pan Afrikanism Ifatunde University (Member since 2018) 

  • We Are Phenomenal Women (Member Since 2017)

  • Former Member of Amistad Long Island’s Black Bar Association (2016-2018)

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2019, Atlanta, Georgia 

National HBCU Pre-Law Summit 


2018, Harlem, USA

Professor James Smalls


2017, Detroit, Michigan

Dr. Umar Johnson,

Psy.D., CSP, M.ED


2017 New York City

Dr. Joy DeGruy

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